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The aspiration to create something completely original is a distinctive idea in our time that often ignores the past. Again and again, we just keep combining, in new ways, designs and ideas that existed a long time ago.

And that is AMADIS FINE TILES: Ceramics that does not attempt to imitate other things, offering a variety of products that, without forgetting the traditional look, are embellished with decorative motifs using the latest technologies of image application. Here you can see the outcome. We hope you like it.

AMADIS responds to the desire of any person to surround himself with beauty and create spaces where they feel comfortable. We manufacture tiles of small format for the bathroom and kitchen; in the development of our product we seek authenticity, we do not reproduce textures of other materials, we make a pottery with a handmade touch… decorative tiles with crackle handmade aspect, tiles with pillow effect, de-toned, pearly tiles. Come and see, you will not leave indifferent.