5×50 cms.

It is the longest small format tile on the market (5×50 cm), which makes it an innovative product much in demand by architects and designers who always look for something different. It combines the look of hand-made tiles (edges and surface slightly irregular ) with the length of a modern tile, making it ideal for vintage commercial projects with an underground touch. It is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms as well as for decorative walls in other parts of the house. There are six glossy colors. All of them have a slight shade variation, except in the colors Cloud (white) and Sand Beach (cream)


Decoration for bathrooms and kitchens

Tile of small format in 7.5 x15 cm with flat surface and straight edge. The most interesting part of this serie is that it mixes the industrial aesthetic of a tile without irregularities and neutral colors, with the Vintage style, achieved thanks to the authentic crackled . This makes it an ideal product to combine with cement-like pavements or pickled woods very common for loft-like environments.


Decoration for bathrooms, kitchens and terraces. Base tiles for bathroom and kitchen floors.

Hexagonal decorative tile of format 7.9 × 9.1 cm (small hexagonal tile), made of white paste. Real mosaic of tiles. There are six colors in glossy glaze (four of them detonated) and three in matte – suitable also as floor for bathrooms and kitchens. Due to its small and graceful size and its original and attractive colors (aquamarine green, indigo blue, English gray, detonated gray, gray cement, etc.), is a ceramic coating that provides a new and unique aesthetic for bathroom and kitchen decoration.


Decoration for bathrooms, kitchens and terraces. 

A 5 × 25 cm tile, which has the same range of glazed colors as the previous collection. Retro or vintage style, reminiscent of the tile used in Manhattan buildings in the early twentieth century. They look like ancient tiles, by their shape and their tone changes, but the sum of their artisan tile appearance and the intense chromatic variety of the tiles – which is very much of the current taste – creates a contrast so special that it is not possible to find anything similar in any catalog of bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles. If you are looking for ideas of artistic ceramics to decorate a bathroom, a kitchen or the facade of a terrace, do not fail to look at these tiles.


Decoration for bathrooms, kitchens and terraces.

The Seville collection consists of six colors: five of them glossy and one matte. It is a tile of format 6.5 × 13 cm and very rustic look. In addition to its small size (sweeter and more elegant than the usual 7.5 × 15), the eight pieces with different surfaces and edges are also characteristic, which imitate the hand-made tile faithfully. The enamel is accumulated depending on the relief and the amount added, creating on a whim, very nice accumulations of color. The colors are inspired by the winter of the Andalusian countryside, they are usually of a moderate intensity: Rock grey, Olive green, Forest brown , Cal Mate of walls, Luna white and River blue.


Decoration for bathrooms and kitchens

The characteristics of the Seville are even more evident in the Seville Crackle – this inspired by the summer of southern Spain. Crackle glaze – like the sun – increases the brilliance and intensity of the color. The rustic effect is also multiplied when playing with different concentrations of color in the enamel, as it has a very pronounced contrast of tones. It is also a commitment to the return of warmth to home decoration. The result is spectacular: nature and life crystallized in a tile. Six colors: water from the coast and high seas (Bahia and Indiano), land of the squares and the countryside (Indiano and Caramelo), sky in the summer sunset (Rosa Coral) and white of the villages (Caleta).


Kitchen and bathroom decoration

Also with a crackle finish, but made in a ceramic support of format 5 × 25 cm with the appearance of the old artisan tiles, that is : with irregular edges and surface. The chromatic range is similar to that of the previous collection, but incorporates two new colors (Ocean and Lagoon) composed by a very thick enamel that accumulates more color in the low parts of the irregular surface, giving as result a very beautiful detonation. This is the traditional and handmade method for creating color changes – partly uncontrolled – instead of using digital printers.


Bathroom and kitchen decoration

It is the same padded form of the Essentials collection, but it is a real cracked tile, with a greater depth in the enamel and a more intense shine. No two tiles are alike, each one crackels in a different way . There are seven colors, all of them in 7.5 × 15 cms except “White”, which is also available in 15 × 15 cms.


Decoration for bathrooms, kitchens and terraces

It is a product with a padded look that remember of the subway tile, but has more volume and is not a bevelled tile, so it is newer and more elegant. The thickness of the tile increases smoothly and progressively from 8mm at the edge, to 12.5mm at the center of the piece, thus achieving a very peculiar cushioning effect. It is produced in format 7.5 × 15 cm and 15 × 15 cm. There are ten colors per format, nine of them in gloss finish and one in pearly.


Decoration for bathrooms, kitchens and terraces.

Tile of manual aspect, but with an irregularity still greater than the previous one. There are eight different reliefs that simulate the defects of ancient tiles. The finish is glossy, but each tile reflects the light differently depending on the relief of the piece. There are five colors – some of them very close together – in order to be able to mix them and multiply in this way their rustic detonated appearance. It is made in 15 × 15 cm and 7.5 × 15 cm format.

Amadis meets the desire of anyone to surround themselves with beauty. We help the specialists in decoration of bathrooms and kitchens to create beautiful spaces where they feel at ease. We produce small size tiles for bathroom and kitchen. We also manufacture special products for tiling kitchens and bathrooms(rustic, modern, etc.) in commercial places, adjusted to the aesthetic requirements of the client. In the development of our product we look for the authenticity, we do not reproduce textures of other materials, philosophy very distant of the one of other brands of tiles. Amadís makes ceramic with an artisanal touch, ideal to combine with hydraulic tile, rustic tiles, polished cement, pickled and aged parquet or baked clay.

We manufacture only in double fire which allows us to work with very sharp reliefs, to obtain a better gloss, a finishing of higher quality and to achieve crackle effects , pearls, etc. We use traditional enameling techniques to achieve that artistic nuance that makes Amadis different, but we do it with enamels developed with the latest technologies and totally ecological. Amadís also manufactures a large number of special pieces to achieve a perfect placement in the kitchen and bathroom tiling in order to transform any wall into a decorative wall.

The success of our product is that it can be used as modern bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles with a vintage New York aesthetic or and also as rustic tiles. Our tiles are, due to their small format, the ideal decorative tuile for the decoration of small bathrooms or the ideal tiles for those who only think to use tiles in one of the walls of the kitchen.